Curling! (again)

I’m knitting a scarf in stockinette 25 stitches a border of 5 stitches per side on US 7’s. (I want it a little skinny) The problem is, on one side it curls, but on the other side it doesn’t! :?? I’m confused! Should I just frog it and start over? :frog: :shrug:

How much do you have done? Maybe when it’s longer it won’t curl on the one side. After you’re done, you can block or wash it and it may straighten out.

I have about 7 inches done.

Most “skinny” things I knit seem to want to curl or fold, but it usually works out in blocking.

What kind of blocking should I do with cotton? Steam or water?

Hmmm, sprinkle with water and steam, maybe…?


Sure. I said sprinkle, not submerge it in water…

I know, just wanted to check.