Curious about Yarnbee yarn & I love this yarn

Hiya Everyone!

I was curious, has anyone ever worked with the yarnbee fleece lite yarn? I was in hobby lobby the other day, picking up the remaining yarn I needed for my throw, and I was looking at their yarn. It’s so soft, and I like some of the colors. Just curious to know how it washes and holds up. Also, has anyone tried “I love this yarn.” It is so soft. Haven’t tried either, but wanted you guys opinion on them both before buying some and making a mistake. Appreciate any help. Thanks!

I’d love to try I Love This Yarn! but they don’t have any greens and the only color that’s out I like is the Eggplant. It’s more of a wine color and I already have a project stalled out in that color. But it sure feels good and it’s certainly inexpensive. I’ve only bought Soft Delight, so I don’t know about the others.

I get “I Love This Yarn” yarn quite often. I love it, but it doesn’t come in very many colors. It seems to hold up to washing very well.

I have used I Love This Yarn for a scarf. I washed the scarf and it held up well. The yarn is also soft. However I did encounter several knots.

The reason I bought the yarn was that there were enough yards that I wouldn’t have to join more yarn during the project. However, since there were so many knots, I had to ‘tink’, cut out the knot, and join the yarn several times.

I have use the I love this yarn and love it. It is so soft and fells great to work with. My Hobby Lobby recently got in a lot more colors and I have heard a rumor that they are working on more colors.

Does anyone know off hand how many yards come in a ball of “I Love This Yarn”? I can’t seem to find yardage, just how many ounces. I’m looking into yarns for the cable sampler afghan from the Cables Untangled Book, and I can’t find yardage on this. And since it’s Sunday, Hobby Lobby is closed…

Hey Ann, I think that 84 yards are in a 3 ounce skien of Yarn Bee Mosaic Twist. I don’t know if that translates into other kinds of Yarn Bee yarn.

I love this yarn is about 350 yds, comparable to RH Super Saver. And my store got more colors in - yay!

Thanks, ladies! :thumbsup:

I think my Hobby Lobby got more colors in, too, but I’ll have to make a trek up there tomorrow after work to see what colors they carry.

Now I have to make a trip to the library to check out the book…

I’ve used “I Love This Yarn” for one project; working on another one right now. When I worked on my first project, they had only maybe three colors, now, they have LOTS! Maybe four different shades of blue, a couple of green, pink, two shades of grey, a rich brown, an aran color, white, black, red, a variegated autumn colorway, and that’s all I can remember off the top of my head.

The two colors that I’ve used the skeins have come in 355 yards, but I think that the variegated might be a bit less yardage.

I didn’t have any trouble with the yarn knotting for my first project, but we’ll see how it is for this project. The yarn is VERY soft, and pretty economical ($1.99 per skein for black, and $2.49 for all other colors at my Hobby Lobby location). It’s nice to work with, and now that it comes in a variety of colors, I’ll be using it much more! I like it better than Caron’s “Simply Soft” yarn because it seems a bit sturdier (Simply Soft splits a lot for me) and it doesn’t get “hairy” when you’re working with it. But it’s every bit as soft.:heart:

Hey Ann,

Do you go to the HL that is north of you or south of you? The HL I go to (that is north of you and it is in the city I live in) has a small selection of ‘I Love this yarn’. Just thought you maybe might want to know …


I usually go to the one north of me in the city you live in. I haven’t been to the Oshkosh HL in quite awhile. The first time I saw it there I think they only had two colors. The last time I looked there, they’d gotten in a few more colors. I’ll have to go another night, because I had to work late tonight and the Packer game is on right now.:wink:

Oh my goodness! I just LOVE “I Love This Yarn!”. It is the softest yarn I have EVER used and I’ve had NO knots and they conveniently placed the starting thread on the end (where it should ALWAYS be) and it pulls out as smooth as silk, all the way through! I’m wondering if I’ll ever use another yarn. Really love it. Only negative is… needs to offer more colors. :muah:

I read all this good stuff about Hobby Lobby but there isn’t one store in the entire New England States area. I hope they decide someday to move further east. I prefer to feel my yarn before I buy it.

There’s one Hobby Lobby here in Western NY, but I’ve only ever been there once since it’s kind of a ways away. It’s a very nice store though, I hope to go there again soon. :slight_smile:

No Hobby Lobby by me either but I’ve ordered from because I couldn’t stand it and wanted to try this yarn. They have a huge assortment of colors available online. I like it a lot and when I want an inexpensive but soft, ww acrylic, I think of this one first.

Have you tried Caron’s Simply Soft? I think it’s a great, soft acrylic…Joann’s and Michaels both carry it. If you don’t have one locally, Joann ships

Yes, I’ve used Simply Soft many times! It’s kinda splitty for me. But I do agree that it’s another soft, inexpensive acrylic. Some great colors too.