Curious about this stitch pattern?

Hello, it’s a long shot. Apologies for the quality of picture. I am wondering if anyone is able to tell me whether there is a name for this stitch or anything looking similar to it. I would be eternally grateful

@Lailapeak. Welcome to the forum at Knitting Help. I think your post is worthy of its own thread maybe @salmonmac can help with that.

That stitch you captured looks like crochet. The image is a bit too pixelated for me to say much more than that.

I found this checkered crochet bag on etsy using Google lens search.


Thank you! Much appreciated! I will have a look. Although o cannot crochet :roll_eyes:
I promised my daughter a vest as in one of her fav characters.

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I crocheted first. My grandson wanted me to make him a sweater and picked out yarn. It wasn’t crocheting nicely with the color changes so I had to learn to knit. Right here is where I found the help I needed. If you decide it’s time to learn to crochet we’ll help all we can.

Thank you GrumpyGrandma, muchly appreciated. The problem with crochet is that I am left handed, and found it incredibly difficult to learn watching tutorials with right-handed people explaining it :see_no_evil:

I’m not trying to push you towards crotchet , but just wanted to say there are beginner crotchet tutorials for left handed people too if you fancied giving it another go.

I would imagine any tutorial being a pain for left handed people nd patterns too, having to remember to flip instructions for jnitting on neck bands an things.

Some browsers will let you mirror a video so you can watch I flipped, maybe that’s a way forward (written patterns are still right handed though).

What is the character you want the top like? Maybe someone will have an idea of a pattern for you.

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I’m not in the just learn to do it right handed camp. If it were that easy we could all knit and crochet left handed. I expect a lot of left handed people are put off learning things because they’re told, just do it right handed. I know of at least one person that’s true for. Trying to do things left handed is incredibly difficult for me; why isn’t the other way around accepted? I’ll get off my soapbox now and try to offer something helpful. Here’s a search I did on You Tube that you might find useful.
How to crochet for left handed beginners

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It’s much hyped at the moment Wednesday from the netflix series :roll_eyes::joy:. But at the end of ep 5 she had that amazing vest, which originally I thought it may be knitted. ( I am a confident beginner in knitting,hence lack of total stitch understanding).
Thank you for your tips, I meant to look for left handed tutorials, but never have thought of flipping the video!
And oh my! You scared me with these patterns already. Well, one step at the time, maybe someday I’ll crochet a checkered vest for my daughter. :blush:

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Weirdly (or not) enough, while knitting, I’m holding the yarn in my right hand and feel super uncomfortable the other way round. Yet, the crochet scares my left handed brain.
Thank you for the link! Will have a look.

And me, right handed, cannot get my right hand to tension the yarn so I knit Continental much like I crochet and use Norwegian purls for more even tension and keeping the yarn in the back where it belongs. I’m a firm believer in whatever works for the individual. I gave up learning to knit many times until I realized I didn’t have to hold the yarn in my right hand. I can do purl rows in stockinette without turning the work which pretty much means I’m knitting (purling?) left handed and I sort of throw the yarn. I can’t manage putting purls on the RS working backwards and left handed. Should you decide to pursue crochet I wish you the best learning experience possible. If you don’t learn crochet now you still have it to look forward to.

I’m not familiar with the show but could it be this?? (Long shot)


If not… if you have a pic of the top or something in the style you want even if it isn’t checkered, we could probably come up with some ideas for you.

See…when you say “vest” I know there will be 2 or 3 or even 4 ideas of what this item means depending on where we are all from. Seeing a pic of the style, even if it’s the wrong colour, would let us know what it is you’re hoping for and then we can look for patterns.

If the stitch pattern doesn’t have to be identical to your first photo we would likely be able to find something you can knit and be happy with rather than stressing over crocheting.

Just a free pattern I found which might be of interest. This is pretty straight forward in terms of knitting and you can make some gew alterations quite easily such as a sleeveless or with a small arm hole edging or a slightly thinner neck edge. Only thing with this is the size is quite big - fine if your daughter is adult and this size, fine if she’s teen and likes the baggy emo-fit (looking at Wednesday style clothing online there are some FAB check tops to buy with a variety of styles), but if she is young or petite and wants a slim fit then this pattern is likely not suitable. But you could use a basic top or sweater pattern and do the check like this.

Or perhaps this just isn’t what you were after at all.

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