Cupcake Purse with Sprinkles!

[COLOR=Black][SIZE=4][I]I made this one for my cousin’s granddaughter and added sprinkle beads this time!

The pattern was an original free pattern, from Crochetville, by Tapanga.

Merry :slight_smile:

this is fantastic!! Love it

:heart: Oh my gosh!! I am going to have to start learning to do this! I would love to make these for my nieces! The beads add just the perfect touch! :heart:

That is adorable!

[COLOR=Black][SIZE=3]One other thing that I forgot to mention was, that I bought a round plastic circle, from Hobby Lobby, to make the bottom more sturdy…and just whipstitched the yarn around it to hold it in place…I think it’s used for plastic canvas projects.
Merry :slight_smile:

u did a great job!