Cupcake Pincushion

For the love of my cupcake obsession, this is my first knitted cupcake I made!! I used the pattern by Little Cotton Rabbits. I dont know if I didnt stuff it correctly, but mine didnt turn out quite as round as the ones that she made and that others have made on ravelry. Its serving its purpose as my new pincushion right now. I am making a few of these for some birthday gifts for the seamstress’s in my life.:muah:


This is wonderful! You did a beautiful job! And I love the heart-topped pins you put in it. Your friends are going to love this gift.

Now that is so cute! What a lovely gift idea. Pink is a fav color this year!

That is adorable!!

Oh my! That is positively precious! What a fantastic idea. You did such a great job.

I love it. It’s so cute. Where in the world did you get those pins?

Do cute!

oh, my MIL is a quilter and she would get a kick out of that, thanks!

That is just the cutest! And what a perfect gift for the sewing friends in your life!:thumbsup:

I love, love, love, love, love this! Can I have it? hahaha

That is SO CUTE!!! What perfect gifts for seamstresses!

That is so, so cute! :slight_smile:


Very pretty. What a great gift.

OH!!! I :heart: it!!

That is the cutest thing-as a seamstress, I HAVE to make one…or two…or three :teehee:

Thanks for sharing!

Very Pretty! I use a cleaned out individual serving fruit with straight sides inside the bottom part , then stuff. It seems to stablize the “cake” part for me and it is easier to make the “frosting” fluffy.

It’s unanimous! Absolutely adorable!

That is really cute! :inlove:

Thanks guys!

Lieuvena, I got the pins from a seller on etsy:

She has the neatest things!!

Beautiful ! I love it !:slight_smile:

That is SO cute!