Cupcake hat nubbles. Argh

I’m knitting this cupcake hat:

The directions for the nubbles are this:

“Pull loop through the next st as if to K, then place this look on the left needle next to the original st,2sts. Pull new loop through the second st as if to K, then place loop on the left needle next to the second st,3sts. Repeat twice 5sts. BO 4 kwise. The fifth stitch is now on the right needle.”

This is Greek to me. I don’t understand it at all. :frowning:

Is there someone out there that can explain it to me in easier terms, or possible post pictures or a video?

Thank you!

Basically you are going to create 5 sts where there was 1. To do this, you will insert the needle through the first st, wrap the yarn, pull it through, but then not slip the left st off the left needle; leave it there. You’ll have a new st on the right needle; take that st and put it onto the left needle. (See Note) You now have 2 sts where there was 1. Now repeat this 3 more times; you’ll have 5 sts where there was 1.


bind off 4 sts from the left needle. Now the fifth (original) st will be on the right needle.

And that’s it! Let me know if you need any further help. (Very cute hat!)

NOTE: This is actually a method of casting on- you can find the video of it on this site. It’s called “knitting-on”. Scroll down on the cast-on video page and you’ll see it.

Oh my gosh, thank you so much, Nicole! It was so easy after reading it the way you wrote it! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, Nicole for explaining this “nubble” thing!! And thanks to Tigersagg for asking the question that I logged on to ask!

I couldn’t get the link to come up. If you’re stuck on this, Red Heart has a cute cupcake hat for babies, if that’s whom you’re doing it for. It’s basically a beret. My pattern calls for you to finish the hat, fold it at row 11 and sew it to a previous row for the ruffled edge effect.