Hmm…I was wondering if any of you know how the heck to do css. Plz tell me if you know a good website or something with a tutorial. thanks!

Hiya Tree, :smiley:
K, I have a question for ya, What the heck is CSS? I’ve not heard of it. You’ll have to enlighten.
So, anyway, for anyone else who knows what CSS is here’s yer bump.
Sorry, I couldn’t help ya… sigh

CSS is cascading style sheets, but that’s all I can tell you. Here’s a few websites to check out and see if they help you.



What do you need to know? It’s been a while since I have done them but I can do the basics, and even stuff I don’t know I am pretty good at figuring out. I also still have some .css files lying around from old websites with the font/colours and effects all coded out. If you would like you can use one as a base, depending on what kind of coding you need.

OOOOOOOO:doh: :hiding: :whoosh: ok!!!

They are used on websites. They help make them pretty. A basic website is very plain, no colour, but CSS is coding that can change the font and add colours.

So think of a website as knitting with Grey yarn. It’s not bad, it’s good for a base but maybe you want to liven it up, you can use Fair Isle or Intarsia to add colours and pictures to this gray knitting and make it even more lovely. Intarsia is the knitted version of CSS. Website Coding is like knitting it’s just a different kind of language.

Instead of [B] sl1 k2g [/B][B]psso [/B][B]p3 k5 [/B] we would have
[B]<a href=“www.me.com”>meee</a><font=arial>ok</font>[/B]

There are a TON of uses for CSS that was just one of the main uses.

Wow you know I love something when I can compare 2 totally different things. HAhaha did that make it less muddy?

to be honest, i already understand the concept, i just need to know how to do it…I’ve tried and keep failing…I understand Html perfectly, but css isn’t that different and it’s just slipping my mind…grr… Kinda like cables and plain knitting lol. HOw’s that?

Here’s another site with a lot of helpful tutorials:


I never had the patience to really focus on CSS…I tried a while ago, but lost interest…lol

What are the specifics you are having trouble with? Maybe I can help.

CSS eluded me for years, and since I was proficient with HTML it didn’t matter too much. But as I got more into coding I liked the idea of keeping it neater. Having the one file made it MUCH easier when editing my sites.

it’s the fact of doing it…dern thing…Though, i’m not quite proficient in HTML exactly yet…I mean i just started it last week…tis fairly easy though…I was told by the admin on Potter forums (<link if you like harry potter) that in order to have a well thought out page, you should use css, so i am trying to learn…