Crown decreases for custom hat?

I am making a hat for my DH for which I am using sport weight yarn and doing Fair Isle. Takes 122 stitches to go round his noggin! I winged it on decreases when I thought i was far enough into the hat and ended up with a beanie, not what I wanted. It is here:

So I frogged back to before the decreases and now I am knitting it longer, and I am not sure if I should ultimately do the decreases the same way. I did decreases about every 20 stitches, k2tog, k1, ssk and did it every round, as that’s what another pattern I saw did, in worsted weight.

Does anyone have a hat pattern for this weight yarn, and if so, how are the crown decreases done? All advice welcome!

When I do a hat decrease, I get my stitches down to a multiple of 10. On the first round, k8, k2tog. Then knit a round even, and on the next round k7, k2tog, then an even round, and go to k6, k2tog.

You continue like this until you get down to half the number of stitches that you had originally and then k2 all the way around for a few rows until there are just a few stitches left to pull the yarn through.