Cross over collar

Hi I have a Debbie Bliss child’s pattern, sweater with ribbed collar from baby & toddler knits pattern book and I am having a mental blank on how to do the collar can anyone give me some advice please? Thanks

What is the name of the Debbie Bliss pattern please?
Usually there is an area of bound off sts at the center front of the sweater. Stitches for the collar are picked up along the edges of the neck excluding this section of bound off sts. When the collar has been knit, the edges of the collar are then seamed to the section of bound off sts.KH1
Stitches are picked up along the red lines and once the collar is knit for the given number of inches, the row ends are seamed to the open area at the center front (black arrows).


I have picked up the necessary stitches and cast on the extra 24 stitches but I just can’t seem to work out how to knit the collar - am I being really thick! :weary:

It’s not you. This kind of collar is often confusing. It looks like you pick up sts all around the neckline with increased sts at the future overlap. Then the increased sts at the overlap are separated or divided to that you can knit the collar.
It may help if you can exactly quote just the directions for the pick up of collar sts, not any more of the pattern due to designer copyright.

See also this project’s 2nd photo for a good look at the collar.

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