Crocodile Stitch

I have finally figured out how to knit the crocodile stitch but I followed a tutorial that only did one row and I can’t find a clear explanation of how to do more than one row. I’m not sure what I’m going to make with the stitch but I’m a bit confused because the tutorial didn’t go past the first row.

So, my question is this - after I knit a row with the crocodile stitch, how do I do the next row(s). Would I keep making the crocodile in the same stitch as I knit each row or do I stagger them? Do I knit a few rows without the stitch? This should be easy to figure out but either I’m braindead right now or I’m having a senior moment. :?? :zombie:

I had to look it up on YouTube. Apparently it’s a 4 row pattern. The instructions are written on the video and she’s talking as she knits it as well.

She’s doing it different from how I am but her way looks easier, I just don’t know if it will be as bold of a pattern her way – if the scales will show as well. The way I’m doing it there’s an increase and turning a few times involved across five stitches – the five I created with the increase. I will definitely try it her way – it’s a whole lot easier!

Thanks for the link.

Oh interesting. I wondered if there might be more than one method. Hmm…

I’m having trouble understanding what stitch she’s beginning with.

When she slips the first stitch, is it knit-wise or purl-wise. The instructions say to SL1 with yarn in back so it should be a knit stitch but it doesn’t look like a right-hander’s knit stitch to me.

She’s slipping it purl wise with the yarn in back. It’s not a knit stitch it’s just a slipped stitch. Then she does a yarn over.