Crocheting Socks

On Saturday, I was watching Knit and Crochet Today on PBS and the project of the day was socks. The featured guest began explaining how to crochet socks, as far as I knew any socks made were always knitted, and now you can also crochet them. Has anyone crocheted a pair?

I haven’t tried it… there is a whole topic about it at crochetville… I think it looks fine for “slippers/house socks” but would wonder how it would feel in shoes?? Or how bumpy they would feel??

Not that I have knit any socks that fit in shoes (yet!!)…:slight_smile:

They can be crocheted, I made some like WAY way back in the day!!! I used sport weight yarn and a size “E” crochet hook. Would probably have worked better on a steel size 5 or 3 (in steel crochet hooks the bigger the number the smaller the hook). Personally, if you use the smaller hooks and sock yarn or even crochet thread (size 3 or 5) I don’t think it would feel any different than the purl bumps one already has on the inside of their sox if they were knitted. It’s just a different way of arriving at the same thing. Socks!!:hug: :happydance:
Aww heck, after you’ve gotten the foot done (crochet sox for the most part would be worked toe up) and the heel turned, you could have all kinds of fun on the cuff. You could use tapestry crochet for colorwork, or crocheted aran cables and bobbles or you could make lace pineapples or shells or popcorns or dang there are hundreds of things you could do. Heck you could even make the leg of the sock look like granny squares or you could make granny squares and sew them together and pic up and work the foot. It’s all up to one’s imagination. As long as you have the necessary things taken care of. Toe, heel, and leg or cuff. Whatever you do with the rest of the sock is totally up to the person making them.:clink:

I did a pair of them for my dd for christmas. I used chunky weight to make slipper socks. I want to say thank for posting this. I forgot all about that show and want to start taping it.

Question: do you think it takes more, less, same amount of yarn to crochet a sock vs. knitting the exact same size? ie: whether its an ankle sock, no show sock, or whatever… would one method use a different amount of yarn to achieve the same results?


It takes more yarn but less time. In knitting you are working with just one loop whereas in crochet, the single crochet for instance, you are using at least 3 loops for one stitch. More real estate.
Hope that helps.

fibrenut: Thanks for the info! Truly…

I am knitting socks right now, but I like to experiment as much as I can… I am finally starting to understand the “anatomy” of the sock, and will definitely try crocheting some in the near future. So I may be hunting you down then!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m about to finish my second pair inspired by that show, which is also what got me to try knitting.

Both pairs are Red Heart Super Saver Multi and H hook. Being male they’re not something I would wear other than as slippers.

The second pair was a little lighter and softer so I tried the finished one in shoes. I don’t think anyone would wear them as socks without a much smaller and softer yarn.
As slippers go they’re holding up much better than a pair of slippers I made out of Bernat Softee Chunky where the holes started stretching out after the first wearing.

The first pair has some fit problems, possibly related to the larger yarn and hook but also related to the less stretchiness of crochet. On the second pair I descreased one midway down the calf, one 5 rows from the heel flap and made the flap 1/2" shorter. I decreased twice as fast as they recommend after the heel turn (on the first pair I decreased about 50% faster than recommended or the gusset would’ve went all the way to the toe).
The first sock from the second pair fits like a … sock.

Um, can anybody put a link to a pattern for these socks? I am knitting now, but would like to crochet some socks as well.

I think I’ll try that pattern one of these days. SSS wouldn’t be a problem for those who normally suffer with it.