Crocheting Scarf Lengthwise

Hey, there. I’m crocheting a scarf lengthwise and the first row of stitches seems awfully stiff. Any suggestions on how to avoid this from you experts out there?! Thanks.

Maybe you could crochet it less firmly? I have difficulties with that as well, … my first rows always seem too firm.

I had a question like that on my Masters Program for the Crochet Guild and my answer was: " If using the right size hook and weight of yarn required for the project, I would check my gauge. If your gauge is not what the pattern calls for then you will have to change the hook size. If you crochet too tight then you will have to go up a hook size and the change in hook size will change the drape of the work and make it less firm." Crocheting looser will work if you can but I find that it doesn’t always work because we each have a crochet style of our own and it isn’t always easy to change.

I also think that the stitch you are using could just be a stiff stitch. I just recently completed a lengthwise scarf which you can see at the bottom of this post and the stitch I used on it is the woven stitch. It came out firm but still drape-y like you want a scarf to be, not stiff like a board!

So perhaps finding a looser stitch would loosen up the feel of the scarf.

Good Luck!


Nice work and the picture trail was great!:cheering: