Crocheting around Christmas bulbs

My grandmother, now deceased, crocheted around some Christmas bulbs with off-white thread. I cannot read crocheting nor am I that swift at it, but I’d love to have a pattern to see if I could figure out how to do them. Anyone??

I’m going to assume that by bulbs you mean ornaments…the ones you hang on a tree right?

Thank you! I do mean ornaments, but when I’ve put that into search engines, it means the entire ornament is crocheted instead of it being a crocheted cover over the ornament! I am going to go check out the links you posted, and THANK you again! I appreciate your help.:yay:

What did you look up in order to get to that link you shared?

Actually there is a place you can join called Ravelry and that is where I searched. I search crochet patterns only and then I typed in ornament covers or ornaments. I used a couple different search parameters to get more choices because what you get is based on what the pattern is called or a search tag the pattern designer uses.
There are some in this book that look neat, too.

BTW…I don’t crochet anymore, but I’m a pretty good searcher. :wink:

you ARE a great searcher!! I didn’t think to look for ornament covers, but now I know. I’m going to go to the link you sent the 2nd time…thank you! I’m not as much a crocheter as I am a knitter. I like knitting better for some reason. Thank you!!:yay:

I’m going to join ravelry, too! and I bought 3 crochet covers for ornaments, too while I was at!! thanks for all your assistance!!:cheering:

OoOooh!That last one was really nice.I don’t much like the design but I do like the idea of it; clear ornaments with snow and tinsel colored crochet on top.Almost looks like it’s just floating that way instead of being held in shape by something.