Crocheted Top

I crocheted this top for my Mom last summer, but I forgot to take a picture. Finally got a chance and thought I would post it. This top was really easy, it’s hard to see but it is a v-neck. The motifs are easy and are joined as you go so you aren’t sitting there with a pile of motifs in the end trying to piece them together. My only complaint is that I didn’t use the yarn/thread they suggested and used one of the Aunt Lydia’s cotton threads, so it is heavier than I would have liked. Learned my lesson with this and a crocheted baby dress I did in the same. THE WEIGHT of the yarn matters! LOL. This top looks pretty with a cami underneath. Once I got that hang of the motif it took no time to do, I may try it again with the right yarn. Now what did I do with that pattern???

great job ! pretty !

How very purty!cloud9

oh how pretty! I bet it looks great on. I like those motifs!

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“3”]Purlwise, when you find the pattern, I would love to know where you got it, or if it’s a freebee, I’d LOVE to have a copy!!!

You did an AWESOME job!!! :yay:[/SIZE][/FONT]

I will look for it tonight! Thanks for the compliment!

CDBear - I found it! It is actually a Leisure Arts design booklet called “Crochet Tops to Love” it has a #3806 over UPC code, I don’t know if that helps, they also list a website There are five designs, this one is on the back! Good luck!

Love it!

What a pretty top! What kind of yarn did they suggest? The cotton looks great.

The pattern called for Lion Brand Microspun which is a nice light weight yarn that comes in really great bright colors. I just used what I had that was the same weight.