Crocheted steering cover

So I found this over the web.

Instead of the regular car and truck accessories, these are nice and cool alternative.

I also found a tutorial on how to do it:

How to Make a Steering Wheel Cover with Yarn - A Fun Crochet Project


Wow that looks interesting who would have thought that you could crochet a cover for a steering wheel.

What about a cover for your spare tire?

What is that she’s holding, a large, flat GPS?

Amazing where do you find these things

HAhah! You know what though, I like maps over GPS. They’re silent. I can look at it once, and I save it in my head while I drive. I also like phone books! What happened to those? There was an piece on google vs yellow pages, hilarious- guy was looking for an Italian restaurant in town, took him 15 minutes to find a local one online as opposed to flipping open the Phone Book and finding it within two seconds. Plus, written maps are done by artists, and each copyrighted one is different! They add little errors or mistakes on purpose to catch copiers.

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I’ve always been a fan of maps too. They’re fun and beautiful to look at from ancient ones to modern.
There’s something about being able to see a wide view of things that appeals.
I have to admit that I’m fond of my GPS for directions too.

I’ve checked out spare tire covers on Pinterest. You can find a lot there. Not sure about the patterns though

Yes! Phone books, maps and also paper back books. I guess I am just stuck in my ways, but there is something very comforting about something you can put your hands on. I really enjoyed your comments.

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