Crocheted Dog sweater

There’s a first for everything and this is my first dog sweater:balloons:!!
I plan on selling it, does anyone think a dog can fit this?

That’s so cute! I never had a dog small enough to need a sweater, so I don’t know about if it would fit a dog, but it sure is cute!


Thanks!!I’m going to try and make another.

It wouldn’t fit a Corgi, but they have long hot dog bodies. Mine pulls his sweater off and runs and hides. He hates dog sweaters. He also chews on his squirrel Halloween costume. Doesn’t like that either.

My dog was 12 lbs, but it doesn’t look like it would have fit her either. Cute though. :slight_smile:

Oh corgies are so cute!!:heart: The only thing that would probably fit the sweater are my rabbit’s{But they have fur coat:teehee:}.Does anyone know how big I should have the next sweater?

Oh corgies are so cute!!:heart: The only thing that would probably fit the sweater are my rabbit’s{But they have fur coats:teehee:}.Does anyone know how big I should have the next sweater?

How big to make it depends on what type of dog you’re making it for. You could make it small enough for a chihuahua or large enough for a St. Bernard…though I’ve no idea why a St. Bernard would need a sweater.
It is cute and I think if you made them for a specific size/type of dog they would sell. Maybe you need to do some market research and see what’s selling. A site like etsy might be a good place to start looking.

I would make sweaters to fit those little ankle biters. That’s what I call them. Small dog sweaters seem to be popular. I don’t know how many owners I’ve seen bringing little toys into a store in purses like they’re Paris Hilton. I’d say something pink with a lot of bling.

Good ideas! I always thought dog sweaters or coats were just so much fru fru until my DD’s family got chihuahuas. They will be too cold and get sick if they aren’t dressed. When I wanted to do sweaters for them I ended up winging it and adapting a fingerless mitt pattern so it had 2 thumb holes for the front legs and calling them mutt mitts. It worked.

I lololol. Mutt mitts! I never thought of it, but you’re right. It is basically a fingerless glove with holes for the front legs.

Mutt mitts. I thought I should patent the name. Chihuahuas are such a pain, they need sweaters but finding a pattern to fit them or figure out how to make one from the patterns that tell you how to fit them was impossible for me. It made a fun project for some left over yarn. Maybe I’ll make a couple more. I’m thinking of a ribbed collar that is open at the front this time. The turtleneck was cute but DD said it was hard to get on.

Here’s a really easy crochet dog sweater pattern. The hardest part is getting the dog to wear it. This is the best pattern I ever found. So simple and will fit those hot dog body Corgis.

Edit: Emmi uses a 9mm size M crochet hook. This is the Susan Bates Crystalite hook. I have these. The sizing is different after a size K. In a Boye and other hooks, this would be a 9mm size N. Susan Bates is the oddball. A Susan Bates N hook is a 10 mm, which I believe would be a P in standard hooks.

Cute dog sweater. And if someone likes it (and I bet someone will), they’ll measure their dog and see if it fits. Dogs, like people, come in all sizes, so any size should work for some cool dog somewhere!

A former coworker has a chihuahua, and they used an old sock for a sweater–worked great. In fact, in addition to keeping the dog warm, it acted as a doggie straight jacket, too. The dog would be bouncing off the walls and acting horrible. Then they’d put the sock on him, and immediately he’d mellow out!

Perhaps you could market your dog sweaters as both a coat and a behavior modifier!? :wink: