Crochet Videos

A while back, there was chatter of Amy posting crochet videos… is this still going to happen? I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE her knitting videos and they have been a lifesaver more times than I care to count! I’ve just made my first ever crochet project: a crocheted washcloth (sc) and am hungry for me. I’ve used Art of Crochet, NexStitch, and various other crochet videos online - but I just love this site so much and the way Amy teaches is so clear. Just wondering aloud… :flirt:

But wouldn’t their new baby be in the way of the crocheting? :aww:

Maybe Shedon could do the crochet videos himself?

I bet he can’t crochet or knit… :slight_smile:


I’m guessing a new baby gets in the way of nearly anything… I remember being lucky to grab a shower! I have been gone from the site for a while and didn’t realize. Oops! I can definitely wait until Amy is ready! :slight_smile:

[COLOR="#300090"]There is a member here, Mary Grace McNamara
(MGM on KH fourn), that has [B][U]crochet video tutorials[/U][/B]

and Teresa Richardson has many crochet videos tutorials on [B][U]her site[/U][/B] and on YouTube (like this on for [YOUTUBE=“c3wzZJ5hj2w”]broomstick lace[/YOUTUBE]).

–Jack :guyknitting: [/COLOR]

Thanks - those are really helpful! :slight_smile: