Crochet videos?

have you considered making videos on how to crochet? i know some knitting pattterns have some crocheting in them to do things like finish an edge or make flowers for the FO. I mean, I’ve seen the instructions but I am better at learning when i can see it first-hand.

just a suggestion.
love the site btw. i have it linked on my blog b/c it’s so much easier for me to find it there rather than my long list of internet bookmarks.

Amy has mentioned maybe doing crochet videos at some time in the future…but I think the site as-is keeps her pretty busy! I believe her next big project is the KH DVD.

There are crochet videos at but they are a little too fast for me, lol…they don’t go niiiice and slow and explain everything the way that Amy does. So I picked up the Coats “Crochet Made Easy” CD at Hobby Lobby. It seems to go at a good pace, though I haven’t had a lot of time to spend with it. I’d rather be knitting. :wink:

You could also check out the Learn to Crochet CD from Coats & Clark. It’s about 8 bucks I think … :wink:

true, but i think that if it’s just gonna be knitting for a while, then it shouldnt be “” too. I hope I don’t sound rude… and Maybe it’s easier to keep it. But maybe the url could go straight to a page that says “coming soon, for now learn to knit at