Crochet Uneven edges!

So after really enjoying my first granny square blanket I have decided to crochet a simple jumper for my son (I would usually knit).
2 rectangular panels and 2 triangular sleeves, it couldn’t be simpler.
I have restarted 3 times now, as I just cannot stop the sides from being uneven! I’m really struggling over which is the last stitch- any tips? Thank you!

Can you help?

It partly depends on what stitch you’re doing. Since you were doing grannies, I’ll assume you’re using DCs. The most common mistakes are 1) not skipping the 1st stitch and 2) not working into the turning chain when you get to the end of the row. The chain-3 that you start a row with is counted as a stitch, so you’ve already done the 1st stitch. Skip to the next stitch and work across. At the end of the row, you need to work into the top of the ch-3 that started the row below (because it’s counted as a stitch). It can be helpful to put a marker in this chain as you make it, so you see where to work on the next row. This is the most common way of doing DC fabric. It leaves a bit of a gap where you skipped that first stitch. There are some good videos on this very issue, and there are many different solutions. I like to do a Slip-Stitch into that 1st stitch, and then chain TWO instead of 3, even when the pattern doesn’t call for it. That should tighten up the edge stitches nicely. You still need to work into the top of that chain when you get back to it!


First, I skip turning chains. They mean an unattractive edge no matter what. For sc I just turn, pull the loop on the hook a little bit, make a sc into the last stitch of the previous row. You can put some sort of marker in the top of the stitch just made, a removable stitch marker or a contrasting piece of yarn pulled through will work. For dc I used stacked sc and you can put the marker in the top of the stitch when it’s finished. TC? stack another sc. I’m using US terms, I don’t know if you do or not and may need to convert to UK terms. I’ve not had enough coffee to trust myself to get it right.

Another option is a standing dc. I never got the hang of using it with good results, others love it. Marking the top of the stitch to be sure it’s not missed on the next row is a good idea here too.

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