Crochet sweater coat

I have in my mind that I could crochet a sweater coat that is simple, long, with a separately crocheted wide trim that comes around as the collar and continues on to the bottom of the coat, at the front.
I have this yarn that I bot dirt cheap that is actually, in my opinion, awful… but when I pair it with some of the blues and greens in my stash, comes out quite lovely. I bot tons of it - 15 balls… and I have tons of the blue and green stuff too. I think it would look nice if the softy loopy stuff stayed the same but was paired with different yarns all the way thru the coat. The two yarns together make a nice kind of bulky yarn. I’ve done one little thing with it - a cat cave and love the blue peaking thru. That’s where I got my idea.
The problem is - I can’t find (at least, not so far) a good simple crochet pattern that I can use and/or alter to make this work.
Mostly, I just want to double crochet the thing and let the colour changes turn it into something special.
Nothing fancy at all…
Can you all help me out? Or, at least, give me some idea as to where I can go to find out how to make this a pattern I could follow.
Mostly, I knit… but I used to crochet a lot. Naturally, I’ve forgotten what I used to know… hence the need for ‘simple/easy’… :slight_smile:
Thanks… I know this is long…
TEMA :thumbsup:
p.s. The hook I used for this ‘bulky yarn’ is size 6mm… if that helps!

I don’t know where you’ve looked already but here are couple of patterns and also some sites to try.

Also, allfreecrochet has some patterns for jackets and coats
Try lionbrand and also

Thank you so much, Salmonmac, for giving me all these places to look. I’ve been at it a long time but I think I have finally found something I can work with.
At the very least, it will show me how to do the armholes… I figure I can do the rest of the jacket as long as I like… :slight_smile:
The pattern I found is called a Matinee ‘Swing’ Jacket by Lion Brand. The pattern has used Lion Brand Homespun and the pattern # is 60122.
The skill level kind of daunts me but I figure, anything I can’t figure out, I can always come here and get some help… :teehee:
I will have to check my swatch out to see what I am getting to the inch with the yarn I have but that shouldn’t be a problem.
I call my stuff bulky but, it’s a bit thin to be bulky really… so I’m thinking, all being well, I could do the jacket up with what I have in the size I think appropriate and then, because I think it might be a bit small in the front, I can add the border I want there to add buttons or whatever I wish.
Am I over hopeful?
It’s just crochet, right? :slight_smile:
In any case, I know where to come for advice… hint, hint…
Not sure when I will start. … soon, I hope.
If you have any advice for me in the meantime… don’t hesitate to say… er… write! :thumbsup:
TEMA Crossed Fingers

Sounds like a good plan. Yes, lengthen it as much as you want and increase the collar too. Lovely pattern.

Thanks for the encouragement, Salmonmac.
I plan on starting this week… maybe even today! :slight_smile:

I’m now doing the arm holes in my rt front.
I’ve already done the back completely and had no trouble but for some reason, I cannot make it work for the front.
Here’s what the pattern says:
Shape Raglan Armhole:
Next row - Ch2, hdc to last 3 hdc, sk next 3 hdc for arm hole - 24(25, 29, 32) hdc.
Next row - Ch2, hdc2tog, hdc to end of row.
Con’t to hdc2tog at armhole edge every row 16(17,19,21)times.
I think I’m doing what they say but… my decrease is getting wavy.
I did the first row Ch2, hdc to last 3 hdc and then I skipped them by just turning and going back. Is this wrong?
I’m thinking it must be since I’m totally confused when I come back to the dec. edge and don’t know what to do then…
Am I just confused?

I’ve now completed two fronts for this jacket. I’m working on a new back as I found I had not made the first one I did, big enough! Not sure where my head was… :??
Now the fronts are 13" long and so the back must be the same…
The right front was a pain to do as I struggled with the yarn snagging on everything including itself and the yarn I had added to it.
I took it apart twice… if you thinking frogging is bad with ordinary yarn, it’s 10X worse with shaggy stuff.
Anyway, it got done and I got started on the left side, which I only had to undo once (I’m improving… :)).
The instructions for making the neck decrease was not as clear to me as the armhole decrease so the left front ended differently than the right front… but the mistake was in the right front, not the left front. So the top of the right front of the jacket had to be ripped out and redone… easier said than done and I felt I showed great patience when it took me about an hour to get it to release itself so I could knit it over. (not sure hubby feels I was terribly patient… :))
I decided not to pull out the back but leave it be. I have lots of this yarn… I’m just hoping I have enough of the other yarn… the colour yarn, so I can knit the sleeves as well… :slight_smile:
In case you are wondering… I’m determined to finish the darned thing… wish me luck!
TEMA :teehee: :thumbsup:

I admire your persistence in getting this right. It’ll be great when finished, I’m sure but so painful to rip back. I’ve done it with mohair which is no joy to tease out either.
Can’t wait to see the finished coat! You’re almost there.

Everything else is crocheted and now I’m on the sleeves…
I intend to make the sleeve about 5" long before I start to shape the raglan.
There is a certain amount of shaping that goes on before the raglan is officially started and the sleeve is supposed to be 12" long.
At first, I wasn’t too sure how I was going to make the sleeve shorter with the shaping that goes on first but then I discovered that they only want it shaped for about 5 rows and then you work to 12" and start the raglan shaping.
I think this will be a piece of cake. The sleeve doesn’t have to be exactly 5" long (my preferred measurement). It could be a little longer if I have to accommodate the pre-shaping.
I’ve used a lot of different colours with the shaggy stuff. The sleeves are starting out with a green… looks kind of neat to my eyes. Hopefully, it won’t just look disjointed when I’m finished. I’m using a darkish green for the shoulders so that might be okay. At this time, I’m enjoying the softness of the fabric… and I’m thinking, because it’s coming out to a lovely thickness, it’s going to be warm but light to wear. (Hopefully)
I’m planning on working some long fingerless gloves to wear with the jacket on cool days… :slight_smile:
TEMA :cool: :waving:

It really does sound lovely. You have a fine plan for the sleeves. Enjoy finishing up.

One sleeve is done… no problems… but the second sleeve - good grief!
My problem is that I cannot seem to understand where the edge of the thing is.
The pattern calls for me to hdc across with every 3rd row being an increase row. (I’m doing every 3rd row because I want the sleeve shorter)
But I find the plain hdc is waving all over the place and the row with the 2 sts added is really bulging out on one side and not doing anything on the other.
It’s a basic problem… how to know what is the last st and what is the st I crochet next after the 2 ch at the beg. of the row.
My brain figured it out for the first sleeve… I think… because it looks good… but the second sleeve, I’m in a real quandary!
Can someone please explain, or give me a hint at what I should be looking for?
Hopefully, I’ve explained this well enough so that you understand. It’s driving me crazy and I keep pulling it out! Good grief!
TEMA :eyes:

Hi TEMA; I was just looking through and found your postings. I hope that you were able to finish your sweater coat. It really sounded like it was going to be something very unique and special. Whenever I am doing a pattern that has two pieces that are the same, ( slippers, mittens, sleeves) I use two balls of yarn and do a few rows on one and then duplicate the item on the second ball of yarn until they are both finished. This works best for me when I have no pattern to follow and am just winging it. Best of luck with your project.

Hi Vicki… It’s so nice of you to answer… I did manage to get my sweater coat finished and I love it. I used two different threads held together. One was green; the other one was a kind of ugly fluffy cheap yarn I got for a song. I didn’t have a lot of the green but I had lots of different greens so when I ran out, I just tied another green on. It looks fantastic. The ladies in my group just love it and so do I.
I agree with you about doing two things at the same time… but it never occurred to me back then. And, I confess, I only do very simple things because my brain gets addled from time to time and I forget what I’m doing. :slight_smile:
I am still knitting - not doing much in the way of crotchet but no doubt that will change as time passes.
Thank you so much for taking the time to get back to me…
Best Wishes…