Crochet Squares for Charity - Lamb's Pride Bulky

Hello Crocheters! :waving:

We are working on a baby blanket for the “Afghans for Afghans” project. (

I am knitting and collecting 10 inch squares, made with [B]Lamb’s Pride Bulky[/B] wool yarn. I will be seaming the squares together into baby blankets for Afghanistan. The squares can be made in any color.

So far, I have 10 squares, and just need 2 more to make a blanket. I would like to collect enough to make ANOTHER blanket as well. (I need 12 more squares)

So, I am asking you all for help. I can use crochet or knit squares for the blankets. :slight_smile:

The squares need to be made with simple stitching - no lace or openwork. Probably just single crochet would work.

If any of you would like to make a square for the blanket, I need to receive your square by [SIZE=4][B]April 15th[/B][/SIZE], so I can seam the blanket together and mail it to the Afghans for Afghans project in May.

Just let me know if you are interested.

Thank you so much! :muah: