Crochet small doll question

Hi! I’m new here and have been crocheting for about 2 years now. Made a couple of things and I have a block, it’s stoping me from figuring this out. Please help!
I’m starting a leg from the shoe up. Here goes.
Start with a chain of 7 (this is fine)
Rnd 1: start in 2nd chain from hook (ok), then crochet Inc, sc 4, sc 5 in same stitch, sc 4, Inc (should end with 17 stitches)
I can’t figure out how to start at 2nd chain and end up with 17 stitches from the initial chain of 7.
It’s driving me crazy!!! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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Ah, maybe you are thinking flat. This will be crochet in the round. Have you ever seen a sock knit from the toe up?
This doll leg starts with the starting chain down the center of the sole of the shoe. I like to think of the starting chain as the infield of a race track.

Rnd 1: two sc in the 2nd ch from hook, (an inc. of +1), sc in ea. of next 4 chains, 5sc in last ch (an inc. +4 this round the turn at the end of the “racetrack”), 4 sc (one SC in ea. of next four chains down the other side of the starting chain), inc( 2 sc in next chain).

At about 2:32 and following will show how to work 2 or more SC in the same chain and is followed by how to work in the other side of the foundation chain.

Edit to added this annotated image of a spiral rope rug. (I belive it is actually crocheted too)


Thanks so much for your help! It totally makes sense the way you explained it. With this project there are separate instructions on crocheting the sole of the shoe. Here is the instructions which is probably more informative than what I said earlier.

Brilliant explanation! I’m a beginner crocheter so was interested in the answer too!


Hi again, I’ve reached out to the pattern maker as I just can’t get my head around what needs to be done. If you look at the image I attached it might make more sense as to what the piece needs to look like.
Maybe someone could give me a drawing of what this should look like?
Thanks in advance!