Crochet question teching kids 8 to 12 years old

I’ve been crocheting for many years and crochet items and donate them to a local charity in my neighborhood here in Mexico. The charity is holding a summer camp for local children and have asked me to teach the kids to crochet. I’m excited to do this but have some challenges: 1. Language, 2. Teaching kids who have limited resources after the summer camp. Each kid will get a hook and a skein of yarn. I’ve put together 6 pages for the first class, with pictures to show slip knot, chain, single crochet, half double and double crochet in English and Spanish. I’m looking for a simple project that beginners can complete in the second class. Is a simple chain bracelet good?


Sure it is good, single crochet or double crochet bracelet or hair ties can be too. Plain dishcloth or washcloth is nice to learn as well, doesn’t matter if edge’s are not perfect. They will be proud to make something. Enjoy your teaching class.

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I really like the idea of bracelets. Kids seem to enjoy them, they’re definitely doable, and will be something they can enjoy wearing. They can use their new skills to make more to give to friends.

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Thanks for the input. I think the first project will be a chain bracelet. I’ll get some beads to secure the closure running the yarn ends thru the bead. I’ll make a sample to be sure

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Would you consider granny squares a starter project?

Thank you! When I saw a video by a young girl about 7 or 8 years old, I realized how simple it needs to be.
Erin has been crocheting since she was 4 and still is challenged managing the yarn and hook. I think a simple chain with long tails threaded thru a bead to secure may be a good start. I’ve prepared a page for each stitch in english and spanish to remind them how to do the stitches. If they catch on really fast maybe a single crochet rectangle to fold in thirds and sew the sides, add a button and it is a coing purse. Going to play by ear!

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As others have said your idea of a chain bracelet is a great idea.

Sometimes kids (and adults) just need to be shown some ideas. Some of these kids might never crochet again but some might be hooked from the get go.

Have you thought about briefly introducing plarn (yarn for crocheting made out of plastic bags which would otherwise be thrown away)?
I believe there has been a ban on plastic bags in Mexico but as I’m not there I don’t know if there are still large amounts going to waste or if they are now a scarcity.
The yarn is very simple to make even for kids this age and just seeing that it is a possibility could be all that’s needed to inspire creation. (Watch out some videos are not basic, the plarn is spun by hand, there’s no need for this, the basic plarn is fine). This can be demonstration in 5 minutes if you are short on time or extended if you have longer. If you show the cutting, joining, a pre-made ball of it and a small sample of it crocheted, no language is needed.
Long use plastic shopping bags can be made like this but would be too advanced to try to show. However the chain braclet can also be made in plarn. The kids can continue to make using the crochet hook and recycling free material, they just need scissors.

You might also show how the same/similar method can be used to cut old clothing such as t-shirts, to create a ball of yarn for free. An adult sized t-shirt makes a good length of yarn in a ball which can be used to crochet with.

If you Google chain stitch crochet patterns there are some good ideas for multistranded bracelets, button brackets, ribbons for wrapping gifts, paper-chains (ie not paper but loops of chain stitch crochet which are joined to look like hand made paper chain decorations) which they could decorate their bedroom or school room with.
Chain stitch shapes or simple rows made with multicoloured recycled bags or clothes into bunting for festival decorations.
You don’t have to do it all or demonstrate it all, just sparking ideas so kids who want to continue can take these ideas with them and can see they don’t need lots of resources or money for special yarns.

OK I’ll stop now.
It’s a wonderful thing you’re doing x

Great ideas! Thanks!

I really like your idea. it is really good. this chain bracelet idea is really amazing.

Can’t tell if you can see the image of my chain friendship bracelet. Thanks for the encouragement.


Yes, the photo is fine and the braclets are darling. This is such a fine charity that is teaching a life-long, very enjoyable skill.

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It will be perfect for kids

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