Crochet Pattern - The Ella Hooded Scarf!

Hi, I need a little help with this pattern: I originally printed the free copy, but then purchased the copy with the chart. The purchased copy says that the entire pattern is worked double stranded.
My question is I have completed the first row fdc- foundation double crochet and started row 2 ROW 2: ch 2 (acts as first dc), [2x dc, ch 1, 3x dc, ch 1, 3xdc] around last fdc of base row - (not INTO the stitch - this is very important as you will be creating the overall base look and corner for the garment);
Then: Ch 1, skip fdc, dc, dc, dc ; Repeat* to * all way across finishing with Ch 1, skip fdc
[3x dc, ch 1, 3x dc, ch 1, 3x dc] around last fdc of base row - (not INTO the stitch);
I have finished this part and I am starting this section which I do understand. But there are 2 sets of 2 fdc stitches, do I dc through all 4 stitches. Not sure I am even using the correct crochet term.
Then: Ch 1, skip fdc, dc, dc, dc ; Repeat* to * all way across finishing with Ch 1
Then sl st to top of ch 2 that started row, fasten off color

Thank you for all the help you can provide.

Let’s see if I understand your question. You’re making an oval shape. I did a tiny sample of 10 sts to work out what’s going on. Seeing it might be all you need. You’ll be working along the top of the dc’s, around the corner, across the bottom of the dc’s. If this isn’t helpful say so and someone else can try to help or I might understand better and try again.

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Yes it is like your picture. I do a yarn over and place my hook in the stitch and complete the double crochet. I am working with 2 balls of yarn for 2 strands when I yarn over and place my hook through the stitch do I go through both stitches? I have included a photo with my crochet hook through the stitches as you can see or do I go through the front stitch?

Thank you for your help.

I’m sorry, I’m totally confused. I don’t understand about ‘both stitches’ unless you mean treating the double strand as one yarn strand which I would expect would be the way to do it. I think your photo looks like you’re doing it correctly. I guess I should let someone else try to help. Once you get it figured out it should be a fairly quick project. I like your color choice.

Thank you for your help you have explained my problem by treating the double strand as one yarn strand this now makes perfect sense. I could have made it easier by putting a crochet hook under both v’s and one under one v. It is very difficult to try to put in to writing what you are trying to accomplish vers talking to someone in person. But do to Covid19 that is not possible right now. My color choices include this Baby Blue, Skipper Blue, and Flame Red as the original has three colors. I will post a picture when I finish this pattern. Again thank you so very much for you help.

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You got it figured out and that’s the important part. I often don’t understand and communicate well in spite of the fact that I love words and how to use them. We got the combination that helped you see what to do. BIG WIN!