Crochet pattern into a knitting pattern

I love this little bag. But I have no crocheting skills!!

I was wondering if someone knew how to translate the pattern or maybe they know of a pattern for the same bag or concepts. They look so cute!!


You can make a circle like it starts with, would be like making a coaster. Then knit up to the top.

To start a circle, CO 8 sts and put them on 2 dpns, use a 3rd one to join and knit a round. Next round, kfb in all sts, then knit a round plain. Next k1, kfb all the way around and a plain round. Next round k2 kfb all around then a plain round. Add more dpns or switch to a circular as it gets larger. Continue adding 1 more st between the increases until the circle is the size you want, then stop increasing and just knit all rounds plain or in garter or seed stitch. When it gets to the height you want, Make an eyelet row to thread the cord through - k1, k2tog yo and repeat all the way around, then do a couple more rounds and bind off.

Here is a knit pattern for a small bag somewhat similar to the crocheted one.