Crochet pattern help please!

Hello! I purchased a pattern off etsy that makes no sense to me. And I’m definitely experienced!
The translation is awful, and the diagram is extremely confusing.
I have the pattern in my email as a pdf file so could someone possibly shoot me an email so I can forward it?

Thank you!!!

Is the designer also the merchant/vendor? He/she would be the first place to go for help.

What was the response?


She can hardly speak English. I’ve been trying to clear things up with her but it’s just impossible.

As you can see from my message count, I’m fairly new to this forum. I’m not sure whether it’s possible to attach a PDF to a PM, but that seems like the best approach for me to help you out in reading this pattern.

Or maybe just the first page, so you and I can get a “feel” for the…ah…style of writing she uses.

Give it a try.