Crochet Pattern Calendar Needs More Submissions

The people who put out the Knitting Pattern a Day and the Crochet Pattern a Day Calendars mentioned on Facebook they are running low on submissions for the 2013 calendar. So send yours in today!!! :waving:

Submit here.

P.S. I have 2 patterns in the 2012 knitting calendar. My first time. Very cool! :teehee:

Congrats to you on getting into the calendar. I won’t be submitting, as I am just learning, plus I am no designer. :slight_smile:

I was designing a Tunisian crochet belt for another design challenge, but my work decided to swamp me during Crunch Week and I missed the “finalize instructions and mail your stuff” deadline. sigh

I’d be happy to finish up and send to the calendar if it’s not too late. Do you have a sense of when their real deadline is?