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I’m a standard crocheted but I’m doing buzz from toy story and I dont understand the pattern for his jet pack. For other parts it says work in rows and you start with chain or start with magic ring but jet pack just says round 1 11 chain then round 2 9dc, 3dc into next stitch then 7dc then 2 dc into next stitch but to do that if I understand you need 18 stitches so.either pattern is wrong or I dont understand and am I working in rows or in a circle?please help

@OffJumpsJack, would you put on your crochet hat and help out Kath47 and Buzz please?

Have you considered it might be a flat oval? Working both sides of the starting chain.

9ch (this is one side if the chain)
3dc in the next ch (rounds the end)
7DC (sounds two sts too short for the second side of the starting chain)
2DC in the next ch (rounds the end back to the first DC?)

Is anything missing from those instructions? :confused::thinking:

Rnd 1: ch 11.

Rnd 2: 9DC (where? What number chain
from the hook? :open_mouth: My guess is 3rd.),

3 DC in the next ch, (rounding the end of the chain but my count places this next chain on the back loop of very first ch of your starting ch.)

Are you or the pattern from the UK or US? This makes a difference in crochet terms.

Do you have a link to the pattern source?
I would like to see any sample images.

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After doing a search for crochet Buzz, I do believe you have a pattern using propper British crochet terms.

11 Ch.
Miss one ch and dc in the next 9. (1 ch remains)
3 DC in next ch.
(Now I think you start working the other side of the chain like an oval)
Seven DC is the puzzling number as it leaves two chains left.
2 DC in next ch (leaves one ch unworked)

:thinking: What is round 3 and 4 like?

I am afraid I need to see a bit more of the puzzle before I can be sure of the author’s intent. (Shrug)

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