Crochet Edgings

[SIZE=4][COLOR=darkred]I have finished a baby blanket, crocheted. I would like to put on a crocheted edging. Any ideals?[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=4][COLOR=#8b0000]Would edging help with rolling ends?[/COLOR][/SIZE]

I usually go around my crocheted baby blankets with single crochet. Then either a simple picot edge or a shell.

Here are a couple of links for these types of simple edging:

Even though the patterns are intended for edging flannel blankets, you can use them on your crocheted ones.

yes the edge should help with rolling, just keep a nice loose even tension and do the extra stitches in the corners. Pamj’s links are good ones!! there’s also a book in my library all about crochet trim and edgings, if you want something fancy.