Crochet dresses for wedding

Check out this link for the longest crocheted wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses look crocheted too!


Oh My! That’s an awful lot of crocheting! I hope they get the record!


Even the bride’s mother was dressed in a crocheted outfit. Her poor hands must be very tired!!!

:noway: :thud: :passedout:

I can’t [I]imagine[/I] how many hours it must have taken to make the wedding dress, let alone the bridesmaids’ dresses. Can you guess how many stitches there must be in that wedding dress? :teehee:

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Can you imagine how heavy that wedding dress must be! Just bundle up and carry three or four of your favorite queen sized crocheted afghans. :thud:


P.S. Oh! So that’s why it is call a TRAIN! :passedout:

Oh man, that’s huge! Wow!

Isn’t that something!!! My favorite dress is the mother’s. I wonder if she did ALL that crocheting by herself. What a mom!

I agree with Jack…that must be really heavy! But wow…I can only imagine the time it took to make all those dresses. My hands hurt just thinking about it.