Crochet Doily Pattern Help

I am working on the pattern for the doily as linked below. I have two questions:

  1. Round 3 starts “Ch 1, sc in joining…” I am not sure what this means because it seems like you would be working the same stitch you just completed (aka backwards 1 stitch).

  2. Round 4 starts: “Ch 1, sc in lp just formed…” The “loop just formed” here was closed at the end of round 3. Again it seems like it’s asking me to work backwards but maybe that’s correct?

Many of the rows start in one of these two ways throughout the pattern. I’ve tried to search the Internet for these phrases but haven’t come up with anything. I appreciate any insight into this technique - thanks in advance!

This is not a pattern I’ve worked but I’ll give you my 2 cents worth anyhow. I think there are two things going on: The ch 1 doesn’t count as the first stitch; and working in the “loop just formed” will help avoid the obvious diagonal line that tends to occur in crochet when you move up a round. I’d try to work it as written and see what happens.

This is a lovely pattern. I don’t work with crochet thread but think it would like good in a heavier yarn that I can work with.

A quick search you might find helpful. The diagonal occurs if working flat as for the doily or in a tube so I think what works for one should work for the other.

Thank you so much - I will forge on and see how it goes. I just couldn’t for the life of me find anywhere that spoke of this technique and it was driving me crazy.

Again thanks!

I don’t know if what I linked to applies but it’s something I’d stumbled across and wouldn’t have ever thought to look for.

Sometimes the crochet pattern wants you to turn your work over after each round. There are some patterns that are printed and they forget that not everyone has been crocheting for years and years. Try turning your work over after each round and see if the pattern works for you. I used to do a lot of thread work when I was in my twenties.

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