Crochet chain

When I I crochet a chain. Once I start doing pattern it’s a lot looser than the chain ???

This is a common thing. You can use a larger hook for the starting chain. One or two sizes larger is a common recommendation.

It can be surprising how loose a starting chain may be needed for some patterns.

You can measure your pattern gauge well away from your tight foundation and then pull it out. Start a new chain and measure its gauge to determine if your hook size is large enough.

Return to the pattern hook size for the last three chains or so (this depends on what the pattern “x chains from the hook” when you turn to start your first row of pattern.

Good luck. What is your pattern or project?


Have you checked out foundation stitches that create the first row and the chain at the same time? You might like it. For large projects I’ve learned to use a crochet cast on stolen from knitting and work the loops off the needle as I do the first row of stitches. And yes, a larger hook helps for making a looser chain.


It’s only a baby blanket but its just so tight at the start.

Thank you. I’ll give that a go.

This is exactly what I was going to suggest!

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This is what I was going to recommend! I love chainless foundation! I do have a couple blankets I going to have to cinch up, though, because my beginning is wider than the rest of the blanket. Apparently, my End row is too loose too. I read that alternating skeins of variegated yarn solves the pooling problem. Doesn’t look like that worked

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I don’t see a pooling problem, that looks pretty cool to me.

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Thank you! I’ve made three for babies and two for grandchildren so far this year. I have yarn and plans for eight more! They work up very quickly. However, I’ve been sidetracked making socks for my four-month-old granddaughter. My couch is a mess! :heart:


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