Crochet Borders for Blankets

Hello, my amazing crochet friends!

We have been knitting Oddball Baby Blankets in the forum now for almost 5 years. We donate them to charity when they are complete.

When we finish knitting our blankets, we like to add a crochet border to them, to make them look complete.

Fairy Land Complete by Shandeh, on Flickr

Can any of you recommend some pretty, simple crochet borders that we could use for our blankets? We have a discussion going here in the forum already:

I like to use the reverse single crochet for borders on rugs and blankets. I think it would be beautiful on a baby blanket.

Thanks grayseasmom!
Do you have a link to that design, so the rest of us can see how to do it?

HERE is a video tutorial on reverse single crochet and a few pictures too. It’s one of my personal favorites!


MGM to the rescue! :thumbsup:

I will mostly do a simple single crochet border, sometimes that … cookie border? NO idea what it is called, but it’s a row of single crochet, then working on sets of 5 sc, sc, hdc, tc twice, hdc, repeat, something like that. gives a nice border,but only from the right side.

On a side note, I only learned crochet because I used a crochet hook to pull in the strands of yarn. Then I thought, oh my, you learned how to crochet so long ago, why not pick up on it now? And guess what? I prefer crochet to knitting! :smiley:

This is not a border stitch, but here’s something that I often do with baby blankets. particularly if the blanket is multicolored. I often crochet each side of the border in a different color (i.e., left side pink, top side green, right side blue, and bottom side purple). It really does make the border stand out and no special stitches are needed.