Crochet border help

Hello, I am trying to put a border on a crochet blanket. I never did one before.
The pattern is 74 double crochets across.
The border states: rdn 1:with rs facing, join c in top left hand corder st, ch 1, 2sc in each row-end dc across side edge, 3 sc in corner st, sc in each ch across bottom edge, 3sc in corner st, 2sc in each row-end dc up side edge, 3 sc in corner, sc in eac dc across top edge, 2sc in corner st, sl st in first sc to join.
I don’t think I will join wool but just continue with the wool I already have to complete the last row and stich.
Could some one deciper for me. THANK YOU:knitting: :hair:

Instead of ending the yarn that you have been using for the body of the blanket, you can certainly continue with it to stitch the border, as long as you ended with the right side facing you and it is the color you want the border to be. You would already be in the top left corner of the blanket so that works out very nicely. I do that all the time if I am stitching the border with the same yarn as the blanket body. The pattern says to “join c” though, so I’m guessing this is a multicolor pattern and the color “c” is what the border will be stitched with.

Does that answer your question, or do you have a question on the actual instructions for crocheting the border?



As Mary Grace said, end with a RS (right side) row but do not break yarn. Chain one and [B]rotate[/B] your blanket clock wise so that the rows are now aligned like columns and what was your Top Left Corner is now on the top right. The RS is still facing you; now work two sc around the post of each double crochet at what is now the “top” of each “column/row.”

Okay, some of the ending double crochets will actually be the 3 chain turning chains that counted as the first dc of the rows. You treat them the same, just put two single crochet stitches across the end of each row (rows that were turned to run up and down like columns) as you work the side of the blanket.

When you reach the next corner (Bottom Left Corner of the Blanket) you need three single crochets in the same corner stitch to turn the corner and again [B]rotate[/B] the blanket (it will now be Bottom Row Up, with RS facing you still). SC in each stitch across (72 stitches) then 3 sc in the last(corner) stitch and again [B]rotate[/B] the blanket.

Continue like you did across the other ends of the blanket rows. Treat the post of the dc the same as the chain 3 turning chains and put 2 sc in the end of each row across to the Top Right Corner fo the blanket. Three sc in the corner and rotate again (blanket is now top row up again.)

SC in the top of each DC across to the last stitch, then 2 SC in the last stitch. Slip stitch to join with the first SC on the edge. Break yarn and weave in end.

Did a long hand translation help? I hope so; good luck and please share a picture when you’ve completed your blanket. :slight_smile:

–Jack :guyknitting: