Crochet bikini - any thoughts?

Hello everyone,

I have just replied to another topic and reminded me of something I wanted to ask here. Summer is coming, what are your thoughts about crochet bikinis?

I am so in love with them that I am considering to buy one. To be more specific, since I am looking for specific answers, perhaps a model on Crochet Bikini.

BUT… what are your thoughts?
All pictures show girls at the beach, but can crochet bikinis be used for swimming? Cause, who’s going to the beach just for sunbathing without swimming…

Perhaps wearing a proper bikini under? I guess it would be noticeable.

Perhaps buying a full swimsuit instead of a bikini would “hold” better?

I am very curious and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Personally there is no way I would trust a crochet bikini.
I do like some of the lovely crochet details though and they do look lovely on the beach. I like some of the crochet with beading too. But I’d go for a little over skirt and a tank both of which can go over a regular, safe and swim proof bikini or costume and I would not wear them in water, I’d wear before and after swimming for a bit of cover up.
I also love the over sized, long sleeve, wide neck crochet top for some sun protection or if it gets a bit breezy.

Oh and I do believe quite a lot of people go to the beach or lounge by a pool without swimming and have sun bathing bikinis.

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