Crochet alternative to slip stitch

Can anyone recommend a video showing an alternative to the slip stitch when crocheting. Someone showed me a couple of times, but I need to watch a few more times. Hope my question makes sense.

I’m sorry but I don’t understand. Where would you use this alternative to slip stitch?

So, im about to start crocheting, but, instead of using a slip knot, you put the yarn over the hook, and then, I don’t know what. But, you end up with a crocheted knot, instead of a slip knot, as your first stitch. Thank you for replying. This site and the people are amazing.

A slip knot makes sense in context. Is this what you’re looking for?


Slip KNOT, yes. I get so worked up about asking questions that I get muddled.
And, yes, that video could be it. If I’m lucky, my friend will give me another crochet lesson, and, if it’s different, I’ll let you know. Again, thank you so much for sticking with me through all the confusion :blush:


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Thank you. Now I know slip stitch. Only trouble is, I meant to say slip knot. But, I think I’ve worked it out. I’ve attached photos, but, I did it by replying to the Q, not an A :roll_eyes:

But, I’m not sure how to get from step c to step d.
And, is this just a slip knot? It looks different. And, if different, I’m guessing, you’d use this method to make the last stitch easier to crochet into?

Your picture directions here match up with the method that GrumpyGramma linked in a video.
The first part of the video shows a normal slip knot, then she undoes it and does this no-slip-knot method of starting. If you slow the video down you can see the loop and how to pinch it underneath to hold it in place whilst doing the next step, which is c to d on your pics.
It is only really to pinch the loop in place under the hook so it doesn’t undo, and wrap the working yarn to draw it through the loop like slip stitch.

I don’t crochet really, but it’s handy to know this as the slip knot is not very nice. You have taught me something new (if I remember it!). Thanks.

Oh, thank you. They will teach me to watch to the end.ill give it another go

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Oh my, it took a long time, but I finally get it. Yes

Lol I finally get the video you sent. Thank you very much.

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That’s great news! Thanks for update.
Have you started to make something? We love seeing photos of work in progress.

Took 3 months to knit my first sock, but I did it. I’ve made two pairs so far. Then the beanie. Just worked out the pattern from a swatch, YouTube and help from you guys. And, the scarf is my wip. Bought the pattern off etsy, but was dodgy, so worked out the pattern myself. As for crocheting: am practising. My goal is to crochet Irish lace.


All fab! Thanks for sharing.