Crochenit shawl pattern or others wanted

Been researching the crochenit technique. I’ve done a google for patterns but there doesn’t seem to be too much out there. If someone has something they could share…I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much! has tons,,, coats&clark also

Crochenit goes by other names. If you look for Tunisian crochet patterns and I wish I could remember the other names. The changes in names doesn’t change the style of crochet.

I did a google and found a page full of links to search here is one page of free patterns. Google search will give you lots of links and material to search. There was a page with all the information and it was on AOL which has shut down and the page hasn’t been reposted yet.

Well, if by Crochenit TM patterns you mean patterns for a double ended crochet hook, then you can also look for patterns fro Cro-Hook, Crochet-on-the-double, and may be others. I found another thread on KH about [B][U]Afghan hooks and knit-crochet books[/U][/B]. It has links for patterns too.

Wrights: [B][U]Dish towel[/U][/B]
[B][U]Dish Towel Topper[/U][/B]

The typical stitch used with a double crochet hook is the tunisian stitch or twisted tunisian stitch. I have previously found a website that offered other stitch instructions for purchase :nails: . Thus I have no details about these other stitches. :wink:

([B][U]Cro-Hook[/U][/B] is a trademark of Wrights)

Okay, that’s most of what I know about it. Good luck Crossed Fingers with your search!

–Jack :guyknitting:

Thanks so much…didn’t know that it had so many aliases…lol

The following link will give you video help with Tunisian crochet: