Critter chunky

Hi, I have a Sirdar baby Crofter Chunky wool pattern and I’m wondering if I can use any Baby Chunky wool?
I particularly would like to knit the pattern in a plain pink not the coloured look. Thank you :blush:

What are you making? Can you tell us the pattern name and provide a link if possible? Don’t post the pattern itself as it’s against copyright. If it’s a toy then gauge might not matter too much, but if it’s a garment it important if you want it to fit.

Are these the two yarns? If so the chunky wool one is thicker so you’ll need to a gauge swatch.

Thank you for your reply. My heading should have said… Crofter Chunky! :blush:
I have a Sirdar Snuggly baby Crofter chunky pattern “ 4779” and would like to knit it in a plain chunky baby wool and wasn’t sure what yarn to use?

Were those the correct yarns i linked to? What is the pattern? Sweater, blanket or? I can’t find it. The best way to determine gauge is to knit a swatch. They are a pain, but it’s good to know when you change yarns or need a garment to fit.

Thank you for your help. I’ve decided to knit the cardigan in the correct yarn.
The second link you chose was the correct link.
Kind regards

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If the two yarn links kindly provided by Jan in ca, then they are showing the two yarns are different weights, meaning they are not interchangeable. Swatching will help, but because of the difference in the yarn weights, its unlikely to work out, unless it is something where gauge is not as important.