Criss cross stitch - what's wrong?

Hi! I need advice on this problem - I am knitting a cardigan with criss cross stitch, I have knitted the body and now I am knitting sleeves (I picked up sts for them), I am knitting in the round on circ needles but the pattern just doesn’t look right - there are some gaps or the stitches don’t cross. I have odd number of sts and I work them the same same way as I worked the body of the cardi. I had to frog it few times. What am I doing wrong? :confused:

What pattern are you doing? I’m not familiar with Criss Cross stitch. We need more info. I can say that working in the round from a pattern written for working flat with no changes usually doesn’t work well.

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the pattern for cardigan is Dreamy weave cardigan :slight_smile: the sts cross each other

Try this tutorial. The stitch has to be worked a bit differently in the round as GG said. There’s a neat fix for the gap between rounds at the end of the tutorial:

For anyone interested in this lovely stitch, here’s the tutorial for flat basketweave on the diagonal:

I’m interested in the yarn you used in the photo. The colors are so lovely.


Thank you very much for the tip :blush: I was struggling with the sleeve all day long. I will try it out asap. … Actually, the photo was from google, my colors are much more dull :sweat_smile:

Is this your pattern?

Dreamy Weave Cardigan

Yes, it is. I think the problem was that I did not follow the 1 stitch shifting as I am beginner to the knitting in the round.

Sometimes with pattern stitches like this you have to shift. It happens with herringbone in the round too.