Does anyone have this? I saw it last week in the store. I was in a hurry, so didn’t really bother to check the price or features on it. I know they are rather expensive though. I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on it.

I don’t own one, but have a few friends with them and used to demonstrate them at Michaels. A few things- there are two versions. One uses 6" wide paper, the other 12". Go for the 12"! There’s so much more you can do with it. In order to get different fonts and pictures, you have to buy more cartridges. They can be pretty pricey, so watch for sales. Most stores don’t allow coupons to be used on anything with them. I have a friend with a different die-cutter. I can’t remember which one at the time, but it hooks up to your computer and you can use any font or image to cut. It’s just like a printer, but it cuts instead. I REALLY like it, but it’s a LOT more money up front. (I’m thinking it was around $400.) On the other hand, you never have buy cartridges for it…


A lady in our scrapbooking “club” at work has one. She bought it at Michael’s with the 40% off coupon. Personally it’s too much work for me - I got frustrated lining things up and setting the depth of cut based on the paper thickness and just went back to my stickers. Imagine there is a learning curve and once you knew all the ins/outs of it things would go smoother.
To me it seemed like too many of the things look better in a multitude of colors so you have to set the machine to cut all the little parts and then layer them together. At our last meeting someone spent 2-3 HOURS working with the Cricut to cut things out and then didn’t have anytime left to put stuff in the scrapbook.
Plus - I think you have to buy the “cards” to have different things to cut out?
Just depends on how into scrapbooking you are…if you are doing multiple scrapbooks and you have the time in the long run it may be cheaper than all the stickers I buy.

Is Craigslist very active in your area? I see the Cricut come up on Craigslist Arts & Crafts every month or two for sale - that would help decrease the initial expense.