Crib Blanket

After spending almost a year on a afghan project this was a refreshing easy little project. No counting, easy pattern. Went quick. I used the knit in the ends technique someone shared and never had to weave in any ends. It was glorious. image image


Beautiful! An enjoyable project is wonderful.

And the result is glorious too! The blanket is a treasure.

Beautiful, love the colors.

Very nice!

Thank you everyone. This was a very simple pattern to follow. It was for a baby blanket but I enlarged it to a crib blanket. Would be a super project as a wee blanket for a beginner knitter.

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I especially like the garter rows separating the color bands.

I thought it was the perfect blanket for a little girl. Love that is is acrylic and easy to care for.

Nice! Could you please share the name of the pattern or the instructions for the stitch pattern you used? Thanks!

Sure. Its a free download on Ravelry called pastel rainbow baby blanket. The pattern based on 18 stitches is:

Basic four row pattern:
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: (K2tog) six times (YO, P1) six times
Row 3: Knit Row 4: Purl
Cast on multiples of 18 stitches

Its got a 6 row garter stitch border top and bottom

Gorgeous, and I love your choice of colors! Can you please share the technique for knittingin the ends?

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I used 174 stitches but I should have used more for a crib blanket. At least 210 or 228.

And here is how I used up some of the leftover yarn. image


Wtg beautiful work

Those are so adorable, hat and purse! What a terrific use of leftovers.