Creating “yarn”

Here’s my oddball idea. I’m experimenting with freeform knitting and also cutting fabric into strips and trying to knit with that. The freeform is going well, the knitting with fabric - so-so. Then I decided to incorporate the fabric into freeform this way and I’m wondering if any of you have tried this. I have a beautiful, but no longer wearable, deep purple burnout velvet blouse that I’m going to cut into strips, sew ends together, sew into a tube, turn, and thread a 1/8” cording through it creating something like a bulky-ish weight “yarn”. I could knit with just cut strips but the wrong side of the fabric isn’t pretty. The tube will be about 1/2” wide so the cording won’t fill it but just give it some body. Then I’ll incorporate this “yarn” into a freeform scarf with various weights and textures of purple yarns and a few contrasting colors. The “ yarn “ won’t be stretchy ( there’s not enough to cut on the bias ) but I think I can work around that. The making of the “yarn” will be a painstaking process but I’m a seamstress by trade and have the patience. As I’m taking the blouse apart I’ve been thinking that some one in this forum might be able to share a similar experiment. Anyone?


I’m not familiar with freeform knitting. I had to look it up.
The images I located are beautiful. Your project sounds fascinating. Look forward to seeing your finished scarf!

Hats off to you. I love the thought that went into this and purple is my favourite colour. I am also getting into free form crotchet so when you get this project off the ground I would love to see the finished material you make from it in your scarf. Good luck.

Just discovered freeform myself. It’s exciting and rather intimidating to make decisions about the form myself instead of following a pattern. Thanks for the encouragement.

Thanks for the encouragement. When I finish this I’m gonna have to dust off my crochet skills because the freeform crochet I’ve seen is beautiful too. What have you made? I’ve been looking at some scarves made of organically shaped circles I’d like to try - a la Sophie Digard. Do you know how to crochet a circle that isn’t perfectly round?

I have a few UFO’s at the moment. I tend to get bored and start something new. My quilt just needs the border done but its getting so hot here I cringe when I think of it. Made some toys this week and last week I finished off two baby blankets. Just trying to use up a lots of bits. Oh also a cushion cover that just needs the stems of the flowers done, also I have another two cushions (smaller) to do a square for the front. As I said a lot of UFO’s. I can’t work out how to attach the photos???

Also I forgot, I don’t know how to crotchet a circle that isn’t perfectly round.