Creating Pencil Roving

I just picked up a couple fleeces from Craigslist (actually 100 pounds worth)! I understand how to make roving but I really want to make pencil roving/chunky yarn/felted roving. Roving from a hackle will come out fluffy, light, soft. How can I turn fluffy roving into pencil roving?

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Pencil roving requires a longer staple fleece to help it hold together better during the knitting/weaving/crocheting portion.

Combed or hackled roving aligns all the fibers in the same direction which makes it easier to pull apart.

Carded roving creates an airy, woolen type roving with the fibers more jumbled. This is more conducive for pencil roving.

A drum carder would be the best way to create a long length of pencil roving.

Diz the roving off the carder back and forth across the edge using the smallest hole in your diz. If you don’t have a diz with multiple size holes, you can use the plastic top of a spice container (although it is still a bit large & you’ll need to further draft it).

Once the roving is created, carefully form a 36" circle with it & tie it off in multiple places (4 or more). Place it in a sink of hot, soapy water. Agitate the water (not the roving) to slightly felt it. Drain the sink (do not attempt to pick up the roving out of the water!

Carefully press on the roving while it is still in the sink to remove the excess water.
Carefully remove the roving from the sink on to towels. Roll up the towels and press on them to remove more water from the roving.
Unroll the towels, place the roving on dry towels, allow to air dry.