Creating more space for Blocking!

Many times I have the need for [U]more blocking surface at one time[/U].

[B]The Question:[/B] Where on earth to put it all? Where to safely lay it all out?

[B]Solution:[/B] I’m using two Coleman “camp tables”. One is the full size, w/ non-adjustable legs. The other one is narrower, less wide, with adjustable legs. The tubular legs telescope to a taller/shorter height.

I found that if I leave the legs “short”, I can slide the smaller camp table right underneath the taller one, taking no more space in that room that the one full size camp table.

Good idea!:thumbsup:

That is brilliant!

Wish I’d thought of it sooner! :wall:


Great solution!

EXACTLY what I was gonna say! :thumbsup:

You are so smart!!! Great idea!