Creating armholes on sweater vest pattern

Hello! I’ve been working on this Adult Knit V-Neck Vest from Yarnspirations and it’s been alright so far, but I’m absolutely stumped on the armholes. I’m knitting a large and so I’ve underlined the number of stitches corresponding to that size.

I’ve had no problem casting off and being left with 79 stitches. It’s the next part with the 1st and 2nd row that has me frazzled. No matter how I work it out, I can’t seem to get from 79 stitches to 61 stitches. I keep getting 69. My (obvious) guess is that I’m messing something up in the decreasing but I have no idea what. Thanks in advance!

On row 1 the ssk is a decrease of one stitch and the k2tog is a decrease of one stitch. So two stitches decreased.
Row 2 no change in number
Rep last 2 rows 8 times means in addition to the time you have already done. This means in total you do these two rows 9 times.
2 decrease x 9 times = 18 decreases
79 - 18 = 61

Now, to figure out which decreases you haven’t been doing or not doing correctly and try to re work the section. I suggest just doing 1 row and counting stitches to make sure 2 have gone before continuing.

Do you need more help?

Oh, that makes total sense! I had taken it to mean “knit 8 more rows” instead of repeat each row EIGHT TIMES. Thank you so much for clarifying this for me!

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Your welcome. Glad to help. Shout if you need any more help.