Creating a shawl collar without holes

Hi, there.
I’m new to the list, so please excuse any repetition I may be making.
I’m putting a k2,p2 edging on a shrug, which involves picking up stitches along the back, up the right front, across the neck, and then down the other front. So far, so good. My problem is that the pattern calls for me to turn the work and work back to a set point, less one stitch, and repeat until the back of the collar is built up to create a shawl collar effect. You then go back to knitting the k2,p2 all the way round until the ribbing is 3" at the bottom.
My problem is that where the turn takes place a gap appears. I’ve tried wrap and turn, slipping the first stitch, just ‘work and turn’, all with the same result. Can anyone help?

:happydance: Hi and welcome to KH!!

because of the turn you will have a gap (it’s from leaving that other st unworked)…I’m not sure which pattern you are using…but it prolly all comes together later on in the pattern and you will see why they are having you do that…:thumbsup:

Thanks, Dustinac. I did experiment with continuing the k2, p2, just to see what would happen, and there are unsightly gaps. I’ve put it aside for now and have gone back to my obsession, making socks. Very calming! <grin.

It may not be so noticeable if you slip the first stitch on the row back, and may look better after you have it finished and pick up those slipped stitches.

Hi! I finished about a month ago Starsky Jr from for my
little girl that has a shawl collar that sounds very similar to what you
are knitting. It utilized the wrap and turn method and had you pick
up the wrap and knit it together with teh stitch when you passed
over it. I did it that way and had no holes or gaps. You said you
tried the wrap and turn method, I was just wondering did you
remember to pick up the wraps on the way back?
Just a thought! :slight_smile: