Creating a Knitting Journal

Hello all!

I have a blank journal that I am thinking of turning into a knitting Journal. It is a 5x5 journal and I think it would work great for it. The problem is…I’m not sure what to put into it. I think a section where I can list patterns that I would like to make would be great. I guess I could also add a section for FO. I’d create a section for my yarn, but I don’t really have a stash to speak of. I guess I could put a list of the different yarns that I hear of that intrigue me? :shrug:

Any other ideas? What other sections would be helpful?



A knitting journal would be fun! I have been contemplating it myself.

You could keep your label from the yarn, details (like what needle you used,the size, how much yarn and the pattern) and then a picture of the finished object. That would be a good way to remember what you have done in case you want to do another.

If you wanted to, you could also keep your guage swatch if you don’t frog it!

I keep a list of all the needles I have so when I am shopping, I will know if I need to buy a needle or not.

I have a journal that I keep track of what I make, who I make it for and why, if they like it/use it, if it was fun or not, and anything new I learned - and the yarns, etc. if there was something special about them. Also, anything related, like the KH swaps I’ve done, the fiber festival I went to…

I have a knitting journal that is all just for FOs. My yarn stash is orgainzed in ziploc bags with yarn type, weight, yardage and pattern it is for on a piece of paper on the inside.

For my journal I used a “nice” three ring binder I got from Target. I have templates that I print out from the computer and put in sheet protectors in the binder. The page on the left is for pictures of the finished object and on the right side I have spaces that list:

  • Pattern Name/Source
  • Date completed
  • Needles Used details
  • Yarn details (brand, fiber content, weight, color)
  • A sample of yarn
  • Who I knitted it for
  • Comments on the project
  • I paste yarn lables on to the page
  • If it is a purse I’ve lined with fabric I also paste on a small piece of the fabric

I use it as a reference when I want to knit the same project again and also as a way to share my knitting with other people who might not get to see every FO I have. It makes me proud to look through it and see all I’ve accomplished - especially when I’m having a rough knitting day - it helps me to remember that I can knit!

I have a swatch “collection” … I find that I use the same yarns for lots of projects, and when i find a “new” favorite, I knit several swatches and calculat the gauge of each. I write the needle size I used, which type of needle if other than my denise set, and the gauge of each one right on the swatch in permenant marker. I kane them all looped on a keyring. Or, I have SOME of them looped on a keyring… and other floating around the house waiting to be attached… :oops:

In my knitting journal, I keep patterns of things that I’d like to make and of things that I have made. For the things I’ve already made, I make notations in it of things that worked, things that didn’t work, helpful hints for next time, etc. (maybe that I had to use a different size needle than what was listed in the pattern, etc.) What I try to do for each pattern is to find out the yarn specifics for the yarn used in the pattern, and physically write it down on the pattern. That way, if that yarn gets discontinued, I at least have some idea of what I need to sub in its place. I’ve contemplated gauge swatches of each product, too, but haven’t done this. Pics of finished products would be a great thing to add, too.

It sounds like a cool idea…I can see myself making a swatch journal or something…unfortunately I don’t like to swatch…

maybe it would be a good way to get me started w/ swatching on a more regular basis…

I would add the space for the total cost of yarn.
Just for the future reference.