Crazy pink/black corkscrew scarf

I found this pattern a few months ago and had to knit it. My friend, Mitch, says it looks like a stripper’s boa…lol. I wore it on halloween and had soo many teens wanting one. It was not really time consuming, but the last row and bind off were a pain in the arse!

My 9 year old dd has a habit of stealing it when she does dress up…lol.

At Christmas, I made a much tamer blue one for my niece. She loved it and I hear she still wears it all the time.

[color=hotpink][size=6]“Crazy pink/black corkscrew scarf”[/size][/color]

[color=indigo]Perfect name! I actually saw scarves(?) like that as Kohl’s this weekend.

Well, certainly not that nice.[/color] :thumbsup:

Oh my gosh I LOVE that!! Do you still have the pattern?!?! I would just love to make one!! :inlove:

I made some alterations to mine. I did use homespun. I tried other yarns, but the Homespun creates a softer, fuller texture. And on the next to last row (before BO), I added the fun fur, then I did the last row in Homespun again to help anchor the Fun Fur.

Also, use really long circulars. I learned very quickly that my shorter circs were not going to work. I learned because I ran out of room…lol. But 36" circs work great!

The scarf does not take a whole of time. Mainly the last rows when you do your final increases. And BO can take quite a while also. I finished this one in about 2 days, and the blue one for my niece in a day.

Wow… you end up with 813 stitches to BO with :shock:

How long did your scarves take you?

CUUUUTE! And, whats wrong with wearing a SEXXXY boa???

I made one of those too. I’ve heard them called “Potato Chip Scarves”. I gave it to one of my step-daughters, because it just wasn’t my style.

The last row was a pain, and binding off took forever with almost 900 stitches! I was really nervous doing the bind off, because that’s how I usually drop stitches. Mine was a light teal color. Sorry - no photo.

Thats great. Such fun colors
My mother made 4 of them…( she’s a bit masochistic I think) She put some mohair in the middle for a light fluffy feeling for the scarf. She made 3 in Steeler(football ) :cheering: colors and gave them away. She loves making them despite all those stitches

You do have to like pain to make these I think…lol. When I First saw the pattern, I thought “how hard could it be…purl, knit, and yo’s. It will take no time at all” WRONG. My first one took 2 days. My second took about a day. But I worked on it like crazy. I had a whole afternoon free after class and just sat in the student lounge knitting away. People would come up to me and ask what I was knitting. There were sooooo many stitches.

But really, it’s simple to do and almost foolproof. I’m certain I forgot a couple of YO’s, but it still came out okay. My mom really wants one and I’m thinking I may get hers done. Of course ,with Spring only weeks away, she may have to put it up until next season.

And oh yeah, absolutely nothing wrong with a playful, sexy scarf :thumbsup:

Love it! I was thinking of making one but I need to give myself a big pep talk before I tackle it considering the number of bo stitches! :lol:


Cute!! Love the color combo!

Great job! :thumbsup: Another pattern to add to my to-knit list! :happydance:

The yarn combo is great! Very grrrrr… :slight_smile:

I made some of those, but I didn’t do any YOs - just cast on, knit knit one row, knit F & B of each stitch for the nest row, repeat those 2 rows for 6 or 8 rows, then do the bind off. There were a lot of stitches to BO, but they really are cute. I used a smooth sport to worsted weight yarn and good sized needles - probably 11s. The directions I had said bigger needles and finer yarn worked up easiest. They’re great just done in a floppy single tie and tucked into a blazer or blouse collar.

Too cool!!! Love it

Okay, I give up. What makes it a “potato chip scarf”. I don’t understand the connection with the name? Am I being obtuse?

I read that the person that named it that compared it to potato chips… You can’t have just one.