Crazy addicting game!


It’s hard, but it does get easier as you figure it out. Click max mode to make it easier to see.

Oh Jan you’re horrible. :teehee:

Very creative game.

Man, VERY addicting! :teehee:

U SOOOOOoooooooo mean
I was almost ready to go to sleep

Aw, Jeez…that’s gonna cut some chunks out of my day! Love it!


Yes, very. LOL

I won!! Oh man. I gotta get up in the morning!

Thanks for the game.

My stats are 22 wins out of 74 games. :zombie: Mind you I don’t really play all the time…I’ve had the game for awhile. :teehee:


good thing i got up for work early… I’m not leaving until I win!

HOORAY! it only took 25 minutes and 8 games! :thud:

[COLOR="#300090"]Jan, Linking me to a game is like handing a drink to a member of AA. :thud:

Luckily, this game was like [B][U]O’Doules[/U][/B] for me… :roflhard: [/COLOR]

I’m sort of afraid to check out that link!

I’ve been hooked on Flight of the Hamsters ever since Stephanie Pearl-McPhee mentioned it on her blog. It’s so funny! I’m slowly getting better and better scores (i.e., my hamsters are going on longer flights). :mrgreen:

Jan!!! I was almost late picking up my daughter from school… but at least keeps me sane :stuck_out_tongue: sorta haha

Hehe, my two year old wont stop giggling at those hamsters

OMG the hampsters! I kept getting zero zero zero, then i randomly got a 175! Then zeros again lol.