Craft Shows

Does anyone who lives in Florida sell knitted items at craft shows?

Hubby and I have been doing craft shows for about 4 or 5 years and I am always interested in talking to and learning from others.

I don’t live in FL (not sure why it has to be state specific, but :shrug: ) and I’ve never tried to sell anything at a craft show. However, I’ve been to a many of them and don’t recall seeing knitted things (although that would certainly be cool). The only thing that even comes close to what you’re talking about is a Christmas bizarre held by my community every year. I see [U]crocheted[/U] items there, but most of the items are small and not very time-intensive (which is fine as long as they sell, I guess).

Do you sell your knitting at craft shows? I would think that you’d have the same trouble as people who sell there stuff online–no one wants to pay you what it’s worth in time and effort.

Interesting question. I hope you get some good feedback (even if the person’s not in FL).

I think this is an excellent question. I too wonder about Florida craft shows and when I knit I am asked repeatly isnt it to hot to do that? What do you do with all that stuff you cant wear here? I use to send everything up north to my sister and her kid and mom etc. You know I am kinda tired of mailing things and never knowing did they like it, use it etc. I mailed 2 baby blankets I worked on with a hat and other things to a shower up north, not one thank you no comments, i wouldnt have even known they got it if not for delivery confirmation.
I wish I could have someone here appreciate my work but with 90 degrees, and no uses for sweaters. I know how to make socks but one sock I am fine the second I am bored doing it over again. I never have mastered the magic loop or 2 at once yet. I do shawls now more and more and want to do more lace work. I do a lace edge but the whole thing I havent tackled but I sure would like to. If I could sell a few things that would help with my shopping habits of spending too much on yarn and having too much in a stash.

InterNette, have you tried making tops like tanks, camisoles or tee shirts? Also skirts? Fingerless gloves and hats would be great for times it gets cold such as January and even days in February. Sweaters are useful at night time in Florida in the winter. It can get hot during the day and drop as much as 20-30F at night. I know this past winter was an exception but it would be nice if you were able to keep more of your knitting in Florida for you yourself to see and appreciate

Way off topic, but may still be relevant …I live in southern CA so we get hot here off and on for many months of the year. It’s hotter than heck here now! I’m in the middle of two sweaters, one light weight and one a little heavier, but still a cotton blend. Even if it’s warm outside it is often freezing in restaurants and malls requiring a light sweater.

I had to knit fingerless mittens for my daughters because their offices were freezing. I also knit hats from stash because I donate most of them to shelters or even college kids who wear them in the winter.

Coasters and cozies for cold drinks are good, too.

Never did a craft show, but I’ve been to a few and they are fun. :thumbsup:

I’ve been away for a few weeks and am finally getting caught back up. Here in Florida (at least Central Florida) we get really cold temperaturewise a short time each year. However, because we are Floridians we feel cold when our northern neighbors feel it is brisk.

I am going to add a few knitted items this year to our craft booth and see what happens. I’m adding a eco-friendly swiffer cover, some coasters, baby booties, ruffle scarves, and fingerless gloves. I’ll see how it goes.

We do most of our shows within a hour from our home in Lakeland. Otherwise, the cost of gas would make it too costly to do. We do shows in Tampa, Lakeland, Bartow and Winter Haven. At the present time we have shows lined up for every week beginning the first Saturday in October and going through to the 2nd Saturday in December.